Waxmap is all about locating good independent RECORD stores, as opposed to music stores. We ain't tryin' to find CDs, Tapes, 8-tracks, laserdiscs, DATs, MiniDiscs, DVDs or blue ray. Fuck all that shit. Vinyl only.

Waxmap is not a directory listing every record store on earth, it is a refined list of the good diggin' spots, curated by record collectors. It will grow as collectors find and submit new stores. Its purpose is to help you find those good spots when you are in an unfamiliar city.

If you know a shop that should be up here but isn't please put your case forward on our facebook page. We wont automatically put it up but will look into it and if it is of a high standard we will be happy to add it. Please don't submit to us if you run a bookshop with a box of Milli Vanilli cds on a shelf.